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Mobile scissor lifts with Auxiliary traction retractable table

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Use characteristics :is an equipment used in aerial work for maintenance. widely used in construction sites worksh...

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Use characteristics :
is an equipment used in aerial work for maintenance. widely used in construction sites workshops, warehouse, granary, bus/railway stations, hotels, airports, gas station and aerial pipeline for the equipment installations and maintenance.
1). Loading 500kg, 1ton, 1.5ton, 2ton
2). Lifting height from 4meters to 18meters available.
3). Voltage: 220V or 380v for your choice.
4).Table can be designed extension type.
5). Moving by manual pulling.
6).There are AC power, DC power, AC/DC power, battery power, diesel power for your choice.
Parameter :
Model Max. Platform Height Platform Size(LxW) Loading Capacity Stowed Size(LxWxH) Gross Weight
SJY0.5-4 4.0m 2.1x0.83m 500kg/1000kg 2.25x0.95x1.1m 800kg
SJY0.5-6 6.0m 2.1x0.83m 500kg/1000kg 2.25x0.95x1.2m 880kg
SJY0.5-7 7.0m 2.1x0.83m 500kg/1000kg 2.25x0.95x1.28m 970kg
SJY0.5-8 8.0m 2.1x0.93m 500kg/1000kg 2.25x1.06x1.38m 1050kg
SJY0.5-9 9.0m 2.1x0.93m 500kg/1000kg 2.25x1.06x1.5m 1165kg
SJY0.5-10 10m 2.1x1.23m 500kg/1000kg 2.25x1.35x1.53m 1360kg
SJY0.5-11 11m 2.1x1.23m 500kg/1000kg 2.25x1.35x1.65m 1400kg
SJY0.5-12 12m 2.55x1.53m 500kg/1000kg 2.80x1.67x1.75m 2260kg
SJY0.5-14 14m 2.81x1.53m 500kg/1000kg 3.07x1.73x1.81m 2400kg
SJY0.5-16 16m 2.81x1.60m 500kg 3.07x1.81x2.08m 3500kg
SJY0.5-18 18m 3.07x1.60m 500kg 3.32x1.81x2.08m 3900kg